TitreMaterial Chains in Late Prehistoric Europe and the Mediterranean: Time, Space and Technologies of Production
Auteur(s)Alexis Gorgues, Katharina Rebay-Salisbury, Roderick B. Salisbury (éd.)
Année de publication2017
ÉditeurAusonius Éditions
Nb de pages202
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4ème de couvertureThis book brings together contributions about the archaeological study of production processes.
Through different case studies from Late Prehistoric Europe and the Mediterranean, it considers
theoretical and methodological aspects of the research on technologies of production. It tries
to bring answers to such questions as: how to identify and characterize working spaces? How to
interpret them? How may we reconstruct the social framework in which the production processes
took place, their temporality? What biases does the constitution of the archaeological record
introduce in these reconstructions? Eleven papers consider these issues in different contexts, from
Lebanon to Spain, and from potting to metal making.