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Studies in Greek epigraphy and history in honor of Stefen V. Tracy

Acknowledgments : p. 15   
Gary Reger,
F. X. Ryan,
Timothy F. Winters,
Introduction : p. 17   

Stephen V. Tracy - Two Appreciations     
Christian Habicht       
Stephen Tracy as Epigraphist : p. 25   
Timothy F. Winters      
 Stephen Tracy as Teacher : p. 31   

The Scholary Work of Stephen V. Tracy : p. 35

I - New inscriptions     
Voula N. Bardani      
 Two New Attic Decrees : p. 47   
Nora Dimitrova,
Kevin Clinton       
A New Bilingual Votive Monument with a "Thracian Rider" Relief : p. 55   
Andronike Makres     
  A New Fragment of a Fourth-Century BC Athenian Treasure Record : p. 63  
 Angelos P. Matthaiou       
The Cutter of IG, II2, 17 : Addenda : p. 73  
 Erkki Sironen      
 Two Early Christian Inscriptions from Eleusis : p. 83   
Gary Reger    
   New Inscriptions of Choma in Northern Lykia, I. Statue Base for an Unknown Honorand : p. 87

II - Epigraphic and Historical Studies     

Athens and Attica     
Harold Mattingly      
 Methodology in Fifth-Century Attic Epigraphy : p. 97   
Henry R. Immerwahr      
 Observations on Writing Practices in the Athenian Ceramicus : p. 107   
Michael Osborne  
  Adnotatiunculae Epigraphicae : p. 123  
 Julia L. Shear     
  Demetrios Poliorketes, Kallias of Sphettos, and the Panathenaia : p. 135   
Stephen Lambert      
 Inscribed Treaties ca. 350-312. An Epigraphical Perspective on Athenian Foreign Policy : p. 153  
 Simone Follet  
 Damnatio memoriae et crise de 88/87 BC à Athènes : p. 161   
Kent J. Rigsby       
Apollo and the Archons : p. 171  
 Marietta Horster     
  Lysimache and the Others: Some Notes on the Position of Women in Athenian Religion : p. 177  
 Catherine M. Keesling     
  Athenian Sculpture in Transition: Two Statue Bases Signed by Demetrios of Alopeke (IG, II2, 4895 and SEG, 12, 61) : p. 193  
 Timothy F. Winters      
 The Lettering of the Gravestone of Aristylla : p. 207   

The Wider Greek World    
 Elizabeth Kosmetatou    
   A Joint Dedication of Demetrios Poliorketes and Stratonike in the Delian Artemision : p. 213   
Militiades Hatzopoulos  
Roland Oetjen    
   Antigonid Cleruchs in Thessaly and Greece: Philip V and Larisa : p. 237  
 Paul Iversen     
  New Restorations and a Date for a Fragment of Hestiatoria from Thespiai (BCH 98, 1974, 645) : p. 255   
M. D. Dixon    
   A Prosopographical Study of Gnikon and Nikokles of Troizen : p. 269   
Yannis Lolos      
 A Bronze Inscribed Tablet from the Sikyonian Countryside: A Reppraisal : p. 275   
Georg Petzl      
 Beobachtungen zu einer Grabsetele aus Nordostlydien : p. 293   
Fritz Graf      
 The Kyrbantes of Erythrai : p. 301   
Christian Habicht     
  The City of Kyzikos, Client of Oracles : p. 311  
 Robert Wagman      
 House of the Nymphs : p. 323   
F. X. Ryan     
  The Dates Indicated by the Two Deadlines in the Decree on the Stala of Athana Lindia : p. 327   
Yannis Z. Tzifopoulos       
Proxeny and Citizenship Awards by Sybritos, Crete : p. 355

Bibliography : p. 369

Index : p. 395