Table des matières

Virtual retrospect 2003

Jean Leclant
Préface  : p. 9
Robert Vergnieux
Virtual Reality: a Tool for Archeologists  : p. 13

Session 1 : Acquisition 3D
Isabelle Hairy
Myths and Virtual Reality: the Case of Alexandria  : p. 19
Sophie Coadic,
Loïc Espinasse
The Bucket Chain of Barzan (Charente-Maritime): Mechanical Engineering  : p. 24
Livio de Luca,
Michel Florenzano
Scanning-Modelling-Representation: a Look about Approaches based on Computer's Vision  : p. 28
Stéphane Nullans
REALVIZ: Pictures and Videos for Effective Three-Dimensional Acquisition of Cultural Heritage  : p. 35

Session 2 : Restitution of the unvisible
Jean-Claude Golvin
Restitution Issue in Archaeology of Ancient Towns  : p. 39
Gérald Cariou
Project "Titus Naumachia"  : p. 44
Philippe Fleury
Ancient Machines and Virtual Restitution  : p. 51
Diego Gutiérrez,
Oscar Ansón,
Emilio J. Sobreviela,
Francisco J. Serón
Virtual Heritage, Immersive Environnements and Photorealism  : p. 57

Plenary Session
Bernard Frischer
Mission and Recent Projects of the UCLA Cultural Virtual Reality Laboratory  : p. 65

Session 3 : Consulting and Enhancement
Françoise Lecocq
Virtual Reconstitution of Ancient Rome  : p. 77
Anne-Marie Cocula,
Pascal Mora
Stages for a Reconstitution of the Castle of Montaigne  : p. 85
Alain Bouet,
Yann Leclerc
Barzan (Charente-Maritime): Two examples of Virtual Enhancement  : p. 90
T. Muller,
J.-M. Sanchez,
J. Roger,
O. Prat
Interactive Photorealistic Illumination for Distant Environments  : p. 97
Hubert Naudeix
3D Multimedia Conception for Heritage Enhancement  : p. 100