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Regionalism in Hellenistic and Roman Asia Minor : acts of the Conference Hartford, Connecticut, USA, August 22-24, 1997

Preface : p. 9
Hugh Elton,
Gary Reger 
Introduction : p. 11
Joseph Scholten
Building Hellenistic Bithynia : p. 17
Hugh Elton
Geography, Labels, Romans, and Kilikia : p. 25
Richard Billows
Rebirth of a Region: Ionia in the Early Hellenistic Period : p. 33
Sheila L. Ager
Keeping the Peace in Ionia: Kings and Poleis : p. 45
Charles Crowther
Foreign Judges and Regional Variations in Hellenistic Asia Minor : p. 53
Philip Freeman
What did Annexation Do for the Province of Asia (in its first 50 years)? : p. 61

Interlude : p. 71
Alain Bresson
Unity, Diversity and Conflict in Hellenistic Lykia : p. 73
David Potter
The Identities of Likia : p. 81
Gary Reger
Karia: A Case Study : p. 89
Marc Waelkens,
Lutgarde Vandeput
Regionalism in Hellenistic and Roman Pisidia : p. 97
Barbara Levick
Girdled by Hills: Culture and Religion in Phrygia Outside the Polis : p. 107
Thurstan Robinson
Crossing Boundaries: Transhumance in the South-West Tauros in Antiquity : p. 117

Interlude : p. 127
Thomas Corsten
The Foundation of Laodikeia on the Lykos. An Example of Hellenistic City Foundations in Asia Minor : p. 131
Guy Rogers
From the Greek Polis to the Greco-Roman Polis Augustus and the Artemision of Ephesos : p. 137
William Metcalf
Regionalism in the Coinage of Asia Minor : p. 147
Andrew P. Gregory
The Impact of Rome on Local Naming Practices in Asia Minor: a Regional Perspective : p. 161
Anthony D. Macro
Galatian Connections with the Celtic West in the Hellenistic Era : p. 169
Hugh Elton,
Gary Reger
Conclusion : p. 179

Bibliography : p. 183

Index : p. 197