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The Koina of Southern Greece Historical and Numismatic Studies in Ancient Greek Federalism

Catherine Grandjean      : p. 9

Part 1. Koinon and Polis
What’s in a (Federal) name ? The denominations of membership in the Boiotian Confederacy during the Classical and Hellenistic periods 
Christel Müller      : p. 17
Money, Cults and Arms: Questioning Regional Cooperation in Early Arcadia
 Angela Ganter      : p. 27
Joining or Abandoning the Achaian league  
Athanase D. Rizakis      : p. 49
The Hellenistic Achaian koinon and its Coinage
 Catherine Grandjean & Maryse Blet-Lemarquand      : p. 63
Embodying the Aitolian koinon: the personification of Αἰτωλία 
Amélie Perrier      : p. 77
Saon and the koinon of the Achaians in Roman Arcadia 
Eliza Gettel      : p. 83

Part 2. Hellenistic Koina and Kingdoms 
Symbiosis of koinon and King. Remarks on the Interconnections between Greek Koina and Hellenistic Monarchs  
Kostas Buraselis      : p. 95
Funding the “Macedonian Peloponnese” under Antigonus Doson and Philip V: a Regional Study Case  
Pierre Bourrieau     : p. 103
King Perseus and koina: Diplomatic Stakes in Greece from 179 to 168 BC  
Clément Pinault     : p. 119

Part 3. The Aitolian coinage
The Aitolian Tetradrachms Reconsidered and some Further Remarks on the Elemental Analysis of the Aitolian Silver Coinage  
 Eleni G. Papaefthymiou      : p. 133
Aitolian Spears in the Olympia IGCH 270 Hoard
 Dimitri G. Gerothanasis      : p. 143
The Aitolian koinon: Coinage and History in the Light of the Results of the Elemental Analyses of 26 Silver Coins 
Eleni Papaefthymiou & Maryse Blet-Lemarquand      : p. 149  

Part 4. Peloponnesian coinages 
Arcadia and Eleia as Contrasting examples of Numismatic habit
 James Roy      : p. 167
The Famous ‘Final Group’ of the Silver Coinage of the Achaian League. The Eleian Case  
Franck Wojan      : p. 173
Excavation coins of a Pan-Hellenic Sanctuary: the Case of Olympia. 
Aliki Moustaka      : p. 181
A Peloponnesian Triobol Hoard from the area (?) of Patras: a Recent Acquisition of the Numismatic Museum. 
Eva Apostolou      : p. 191
Xρῆσθαι τοῖς αὐτοῖς νοµίσµασι? Achaian League Type and Civic Issues in Hoards from the Peloponnese (iind and ist century BC). 
David Weidgenannt      : p. 213

Part 5. Elemental Analyses
High Precision Analysis of the Silver Metal in Coinage from the Aitolian and Peloponnesian koina: First Preliminary Results, Éveline Salzmann  
Fleur Kemmers & Sabine Klein      : p. 229
La-icp-ms Analysis of Silver Coins for the koinon Project  
Maryse Blet-Lemarquand      : p. 239  
Index of sources     : p. 249
General index     : p. 257
General Bibliography      : p. 263