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Alexander the Great. A Linked Open World

Simon Glenn, Frédérique Duyrat and Andrew Meadows,
Introduction             : p. 9

Part One. What can the technology do for us?
Ethan Gruber,
Linked Open Data and Hellenistic numismatics                 : p. 17
Sebastian Heath,
SPARQL as a first step for querying and transforming numismatic data: Examples from                             : p. 35

]Part Two. New data on Alexander’s coinage
Andrew Meadows,
What is an Alexander? PELLA and the Classification or Interpretation of Coinage in the Name of Alexander the Great           : p. 55
Julien Olivier,
New directions in the numismatics of Alexander the Great. An exploration of data from the PELLA portal                     : p. 75
Simon Glenn,
Exploring localities: a die study of Alexanders from Damascus         : p. 91
Julien Olivier,
Frédérique Duyrat, Caroline Carrier, Maryse Blet-Lemarquand, Minted silver in the Empire of Alexander: old bullion and new                 : p. 127
Karsten Dahmen,
The first generation of Alexander’s influence: diversity of empire         : p. 147
Caroline Carrier and Simon Glenn,
Looting and its impact: the case of Alexanders from Syria                             : p. 163

Part Three. The heritage of Alexander
Peter van Alfen,
The Destruction and (Re)creation of Monetary Zones in the Wake of Alexander the Great                         : p. 181
François de Callataÿ,
The coinages of Alexander the Great and the République des Médailles (16th-18th centuries)                 : p. 195
Pierre Briant,
The debate about the spread of Alexander’s coinage and its economic impact: engaging with the historiographical longue durée                     : p. 235
Robin Lane Fox,
Alexander: Loot, Debt and the Missing Coinage                 : p. 249
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